BREAKING NEWS...PALAS Scholarships "100forHUNDRED"

BREAKING NEWS! PALAS awarded forty-two (42) scholarships at a ceremony held at XLCR High School in Kingston, JA on August 25, 2012. Hon. Minister Phillip Paulwell  and Attorney Patrick Campbell delivered the keynote addresses to scholarship recipients (25 High School & 17 University students). PALAS is working hard to "Preserving Young Minds for Posterity" by increasing scholarship awards by 323% and donations by 905% in 2012. A new goal is set for 2013 school year to award 100 scholarships and 100 laptop computers with the "100forHUNDRED" campaign. Thus far PALAS awarded fifty-five (55) scholarships and four (4) computers valuing US$23,500.00 (~JA$2,115,000.00). Our goal is to award several scholarships annually to high school and University/College students currently residing in the Caribbean region.
PALAS awarded JA$30,0000.00 by Sagicor
 in contest & 42 scholarship recipients w/ Hon. Phillip Paulwell, 
Atty. Patrick Campbell & Rula Brown.

The Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS), Inc. Board of Directors selected forty-two (42) students as their 2012-2013 Scholarship winners.
Twenty five (25) high school students and seventeen (17) University students are selected. 


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