PALAS Pitter Twins- Law Students at UWI-Mona Campus...Twins aspire to be great lawyers....Between them they have chalked up one accolade after another: honour roll recipients for all their years at Hampton School; certificate and Macmillan trophy for ranking first in Jamaica for CAPE law unit 1 for 2013; Peace and Love Academic Scholarships (PALAS) 2013; and certificates for being the top performers for CAPE Caribbean Studies and law unit 1 at Hampton School in 2012.

By CECELIA CAMPBELL-LIVINGSTON Career & Education reporter
WHEN proud father Grantly Pitter started giving his twin daughters Trishanner and Trishann quizzes on legal issues when they were young girls, little did he know that they would both one day be pursuing careers in law.
PALAS Pitter Twins- Law Students at UWI-Mona Campus
Whether by design or chance, both girls, born on September 7, 1994, share more than just being born minutes apart — they also share a passion for justice and wanting to be a part of the process that will see it happen.
From primary to high school they have been pushing each other to excel, and with that special bond that they share it's been a great journey with them always getting almost identical grades, and now starting the process towards becoming lawyers.
Both girls were accepted to the Sponsored Law Programme at the University of the West Indies for September. This programme will see them doing one year at Mona and the other two at Cave Hill, Barbados.
"Without law, order would be a mere delusion and pandemonium would engulf the earth. We aspire to become lawyers because we wish to play an astoundingly positive role in the future of the protection and preservation of the rights of Caribbean citizens," the girls wrote in an emailed response to Career & Education questions.
The girls are now over the moon, happy especially for their recently released Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exam (CAPE) grades which saw Trishanner receiving six ones and two twos while Trishanna copped five ones and three twos.
Two years ago, in their Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exams, Trishanner copped seven ones and two twos while her twin had all nine subjects at grade one.
"We are hardworking, focused, determined, and goal-oriented. We work towards our goals by putting God first in all that we do," the girls said.
For them their study regimen is simple — reviewing their notes very soon after they're given, as they say this prevents them from being swamped.
"We also read complementary information to widen our knowledge base."
They also credited their parents Grantly and Jennifer Robinson as well as their older sister Carmolla for daily inspiration.
And what would scholars be without their teachers? The girls know this well.
"Our teachers at both primary (Santa Cruz Primary) and high school (Hampton) levels have also motivated us by adding fuel to our burning desire for success," the girls said.
Being twins and sharing the same interests is something remarkable for the girls, as they get to study together and test each other on various topics. more

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