2014-15 PALAS TOP PERFORMERS STORY (2 of 5)….Sadé Dunbar of St. Catherine, Jamaica : Medical Student at UWI with "A" average at Immaculate High, JAMAICA's Spelling Bee Champion, Represented Jamaica in the International Scripps Howard Spelling Bee Washington, D.C. Attained 18 CXC/CAPE passes with 18 distinctions (18 ones)....Currently the Assistant Secretary of the St Catherine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also a part of the Spanish Town Heritage Trail....Despite difficulties at times for lunch money, finances and food for survival..."I refused to allow these obstacles to render my dreams unreachable and doubled my efforts to remove the shackles of poverty."

Sadé Dunbar is a resident of Spanish Town, Jamaica, she recently graduated from Immaculate Conception High School with "A" average. She has passes in 18 CXC/CAPE subjects with 18 distinctions (grade ones). 

Below is the essay that Sade submitted to the Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc (PALAS) committee for evaluation of one of the sponsored scholarships. Sade earned the 2nd highest score, 28.667 out of a possible 30 points with PALAS this year....

Sadé relates very well with the academic staff and her peers at Immaculate High in Jamaica. She is involved in a number of extra-curricular activities and has managed to maintain an excellent balance between her academic work and other activities as she has always been on the Honour Roll. These activities include: Spelling Bee in which she won Jamaica's National Finals and further went on to place thirteenth in the International Scripps Howard Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. , PAWS (Prevention of Animal Cruelty Welfare Society) , Writer's Club, Science Environmental Technology and Health (SETH) Club, Badminton and Interact Club. 

She also participated in the 2012 Math Olympiad in which she proceeded to the semi-finals as well as a Chemistry Competition. The Chemistry Competition was a team competition which involved fifth form students from all over the island and her team from Immaculate Conception High placed first. Her dedicated work has resulted in her success in her Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) exams where she received grade ones in: Mathematics, English A, English B, Spanish, Information Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human and Social Biology, Caribbean History and Additional Mathematics. This dedication resulted in her being awarded 3rd place for English Language, Top Student at Immaculate Conception High School as well as 2nd overall Science student in Jamaica. This excellence continued in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) where she received ones in Pure Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Communication Studies for Unit 1.

SADE DUNBAR, Medical Student at UWI,
 Ranked 2nd at PALAS in 2014-15
She writes below in her essay to PALAS....

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”
-Colin Powell

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of a career in medicine. This was not a choice concreted by trivial matters of money or even prestige but instead by the satisfaction I knew I would experience having made a difference in someone’s life. Never having been one to accept failures, my school’s motto, “Through Difficulties to Excellence”, is constant motivation. Equipped with this small, yet powerful phrase, I am strengthened by the battles I have and will have to endure.

Life in my household wasn't always easy and has never been. However, my family taught me the importance of cohesiveness, camaraderie and most importantly, to be content despite the circumstances. With this mindset, when we experienced adversities leading to difficulties with lunch money and even just food for survival, I did not give up. Instead, I relinquished some teenage privileges and acquired a Saturday job. I refused to allow these obstacles to render my dreams unreachable and doubled my efforts to remove the shackles of poverty.

Despite going to school and working part-time, I managed to participate in extra-curricular activities, mastering the art of balance. I am currently the Assistant Secretary of the St Catherine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and am a part of the Spanish Town Heritage Trail. This project aims to facilitate historic tours of the town and restore it to its former glory. Additionally, I am involved in the Dispute Resolution Foundation and the St Catherine Tax Relief Committee. Playing an active role in such activities has honed my leadership and time management skills and has given me true insight of Gandhi words, “The best way to find your self is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

Growing up with four younger siblings, I discovered my strong affinity for children and this assured me a career in Paediatrics was indeed my calling. Sadly, the health of many of the nation’s children is at risk and I hope to offer my compassion and expertise to these children. After all, in serving the best interest of children, we serve the best interest of all humanity.

Life’s journey continues to shape the person I am; every act of participation, each small victory and each hurdle overcome add to the masterpiece I envision. My experiences and situations have instilled traits such as perseverance, determination and a great sense of responsibility and service. The obstacles I have overcome in achieving my success thus far have forged an unbreakable strength and this strength combined with my acquired traits have molded me into the phenomenal young woman I am today. For these reasons, I believe I am most qualified for this prestigious scholarship. Without the aid of this scholarship, I am almost certain all my goals will remain dreams.

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