2014-15 PALAS TOP PERFORMERS STORY (4 of 5).....JAVANNEY CAMPBELL of Kingston, Jamaica with "A" average at CLAN CARTHY High, TVJ's School's Challenge Quiz Contestant, 2014 PALAS GOLD STAR WINNER & Finished 4th in PALAS evaluations....Gold Medal at Annual Spanish Fesitval & Principals Honor Roll for 4 years in High School

JAVANNEY CAMPBELL of Kingston, Jamaica is a 3rd form student with "A" average at CLAN CARTHY High, TVJ's School's Challenge Quiz Contestant, Finished 4th in 2014 PALAS evaluations....Gold Medal at Annual Spanish Fesitval & Principals Honor Roll for 4 years in High School.

Below is the essay that he submitted to PALAS with his 2014 application package.

He writes......
I am a third form student of the Clan Carthy High School with a passion for achieving and maintaining a high level of performance in school through hard work, consistency, determination and dedication to my studies.I am strong-willed, determined, committed and optimistic. I possess strong leadership qualities, am goal oriented, respectable, reliable, honest, trustworthy and not averse to being reprimanded. I sincerely dislike indiscipline, truancy, mediocrity and irresponsibility.
This scholarship would help to make me better able to obtain the necessary materials and equipment needed to help propel me along the path to success on which I am now trod. It will also aid in putting me closer in achieving my educational goals and my aspirations to become a Flight Attendant. Thus, bringing my career goals closer to my grasp.
My eligibility for this scholarship lies mainly in my academic performances, social objectives and also my educational intentions that I wish to pursue in the future. During my life period, I perceived that with education, there comes determination which means persistence in doing something that is difficult. Thus, I have gained the attitude in being eager to want to achieve something through academics. I have managed to maintain an average of over 90% in my examinations which has placed me on the Principal's Honor Roll. I have also represented my school at the TVJ's School's Challenge Quiz at the grade nine level and also represented my school at the Annual Spanish Festival where I obtained a gold medal. 
With the learning and social facilities at school, brings forth my impeccable respect for school. I am always in attendance except for issues of illness,where being absent is recommended by a doctor. 
Receiving this scholarship will greatly enhance my quest for knowledge. At this point I am at a disadvantage due to limited funds, with the inability to access the materials needed to improve my learning. Also, this may put me at a better chance at achieving major education and career goals.
I do understand that others just as qualified will be applying but I should be granted the scholarship because I have maintained the academic standard with the limited resources afforded me by my parents. With granting this scholarship, I guarantee that my studies will be greatly advanced.
This scholarship would not only help me realize my goals but it will also afford me the wherewithal by which I can mentor my peers as well as become an ambassador for my school in the field of getting young males to see the importance of education. With this scholarship I will mentor and give them positive reasons to get them emulate the good.
In writing this essay, it has come to me that with or without this scholarship I will continue to thrive for excellence and be a role model to my peers, both at school and in my community. I will hold steadfast to the values inculcated in me by not only my parents but the teachers who continue to mold,nurture and direct my educational path.

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