PALAS awards honours top students with J$3.6 million scholarship....Hon. Lisa Hanna & Attorney Patrick Campbell delivered powerful messages to 72 awardees. Winsome Benjamin sang her heart out to a capacity audience and Daddy UROY presented 10 of the scholarships (JAMAICA OBSERVER 9/7/14)....PALAS goal is to award 125 scholarships in 2015-2016 in JAMAICA.

by Cecelia Campbell-Livingston (Jamaica Observer 9/7/14)

NOW in its fourth year, the Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS) Awards were presented at the Chemistry Lecture Theatre of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus on Saturday, August 23, 2014.
Rula Brown presents appreciation certificate to Lisa Hanna
Seventy-two grateful students from secondary and tertiary institutions were presented with scholarship packages for the 2014/15 academic year.
PALAS Director Patrick Campbell, now a successful attorney in the United States, told the awardees that he is a product of "Mountain View, below Jarrett Lane" and he made it.
"I see myself in all of's not where you came from, it's where you are going," he said. Campbell offered pointers for success to the students, advising them to make time for their studies and never to allow their circumstances to dictate their future.
"Don't let other people set your limit; be determined to do what you want to do. Set your goals and set them high. Emulate successful people, live with principles and integrity, give back to your community, appreciate all the best things in life," were his sage words.
His sentiments were echoed by the keynote speaker, Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna, who encouraged awardees to be "courageous, leaving nothing to chance".
Winsome Benjamin(L), Natasha & Patrick Campbell,
Rula Brown, AnnP & PALAS board member
 Milton Galloway
"It will take courage [and] unapologetic refusal to have anyone nozzle your voice. I can't tell you how to find it, but... commit to excellence, ensuring you serve others. Be the change you want to see in the world; when truth is on your side one is a majority," she said.
Hanna also urged students to follow their convictions. "Get involved in something, enjoy it, make mistakes -- it's OK, get comfortable in your skin. Ladies, discover yourselves, focus on your own desires and goals, get your heart broken, you will get over it. Embark on new journey... you have it in you," she encouraged.
PALAS founder Rula Brown broke down in tears while addressing the gathering. He spoke of one of the outstanding recipients, Yemalla Edwards, who for a while was homeless but still maintained great grades as a first-year medical student at the University of the West Indies (UWI).
Gold Star winner, Maria Attarwala receives
 Alex Panton Academic Scholarship 

from Lisa Hanna's son Alex Panton
Brown finally managed to get the words out: "If he can do it, you can all do it. Don't give up," before a fresh wave of tears overcame him.
Special mention was made of the gold star winners, who impressed with their grades and essays and received laptops/tablets.
Javanney Campbell of Clan Carthy High School emerged top high school awardee, while Maria Attarwala, medical student at UWI, was the gold star winner for the tertiary level.
Daddy URoy presents to
UWI student, Mishae Kinlocke
The total value of the scholarships handed out was J$3.6 million. PALAS awarded 187 scholarships in the past 4 years valued J$9.8 million, and their goal is to award 125 scholarships and 125 computers to the 2015-2016 scholarship recipients.
—by Cecelia Campbell-Livingston (Jamaica Observer 9/7/14). more

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