PALAS Medical Student, NICOLE NATION: The ABCs of making your time at university count.... A -- activism, B -- boundaries, C -- cardio (as in exercise), D -- diversity and more...

BY NICOLE NATION Career & Education writer  Sunday, November 23, 2014    
THE last time many of us revised our ABCs was when we were in kindergarten. But this simple concept can be applied to tertiary education. How? Concepts such as philanthropy, friendship and networking will come alive by the use of the alphabet as a mnemonic. By following this simple but comprehensive outline you will be able to make the most of your university experience.
A -- activism
A rest stop with friends in Clarendon, on our way
 to YS Falls in St Elizabeth.
It is important that you learn the importance of being active and being involved in your community. As one of the educated members of the Jamaican society it is also expected of you as a citizen! Individuals will look to you for leadership and when they knock, answer the call.
B -- boundaries
It is important that while you are at university you know your boundaries and limits. Respect the boundaries of others as well, both personal and otherwise. Know your limits and play within them. You don't always recognise your limits until you go beyond them, then you have to take a few steps back.
C -- cardio (as in exercise)
Nicole Nation, 3 times PALAS recipient
Keeping yourself in good health is important. Spending time each week to stay in shape is a great way to preserve your health so that you can live a fruitful life, especially when you do graduate which is where life really begins. Make it a point to schedule regular exercise with friends, whether its watching a video online or jogging around the campus with a friend.
D -- diversity
The campus is a rich microcosm of society. Without even leaving campus you can interact with so many persons from so many different nationalities. more

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  1. Excellent! I really admire this young lady. Very Inspirational work. She has such a good head on her shoulders.