Atlanta Base Non-Profit Organization PALAS, Announces 5th Annual Scholarship Program to Benefit 125 Students in Jamaica and the Caribbean, GA – April 13, 2015: Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc. (PALAS) will open its online application process from May 1, 2015 to June 15, 2015. This year’s program will award 125 scholarships to financially needy students, and honor outstanding academic performances by students in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Since the organization’s inception in December 2010, PALAS has awarded 187 scholarships to honor the memory of student, reggae artist and aspiring sound technician; 18 year-old Vanessa Campbell who was brutally murdered in Portmore, Jamaica on November 20, 2010.

According to Executive Director, Mr, Rula Brown, “this year’s goal is to award 125 scholarships and computers to PALAS 2015 winning recipients”. This academic scholarship opportunity is extended to students in High School, University/Tertiary and Re-awardees. The application guideline will require the applicant to complete an online application, submit their current grades along with a written 300-500 word essay. The students are also required to provide a list of all relevant school extra – curricular activities, (volunteering, church, hospital, school clubs, rotary clubs, etc.). PALAS will hold its 5th annual awards presentation in Kingston, Jamaica in late August, 2015.
PALAS has dedicated its human and financial resources to help make a difference in the lives of underserved children in Jamaica, West Indies as well as the wider Caribbean region. The scholarship program is dedicated to recognise and honor outstanding academic performances. PALAS award a number of scholarships on annual bases to students residing in the Caribbean region.

The mission of PALAS is the pursuit of the following principles, also known as CERPS: 
 Commitment: PALAS wants to inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future. 
 Empowerment: PALAS wants to provide the necessary tools for the student, in the form of education to uplift and empower themselves. 
 Responsibility: The focus of PALAS is to empower youth in establishing goals and following through on commitments. 
 Possibility: PALAS wants to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life's possibilities. 
 Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. PALAS wants to surround young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment. 

PALAS embrace and enforces our organization’s core values of accountability, transparency and honesty. Those are our firm belief and the manner in which we operate our organization. Therefore, all donated funds are invested in our scholarship program. 

Please help us in "Preserving Young Minds for Posterity" by visiting our website and make your online donation through June 30, 2015 or send a check payable to PALAS, P.O. Box 5461, Alpharetta GA 30023 USA. PALAS is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization. As such, all donations are tax deductible. Please send email inquiry to or you may call 770-715-0224. 

For further information about PALAS including special sponsorship opportunities for a scholarship in your name, the name of a loved one or your business as a sponsoring Partner with PALAS (PWP), please visit us at

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