DEIDRE-ANN BROWN, Top PALAS 2015-2016 Performers (2 of 5)....Medical student at UWI, 4.0 GPA at MBCC...PALAS Gold Star Runner Up...15 CXC/CAPE passes with all ones, distinction...Active in 32 school & community activities

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PALAS Student News August 4, 2015-
Excerpts from Deidre-Ann Brown's Essay

 “For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” -Nelson Mandela 

In September of 2009, my mother detected a lump in her right breast. I thought that I would surely lose my tower of strength as my family had recently lost a friend to breast cancer. However, further testing revealed that the lump had been benign. Though relieved, at age thirteen, I began to think of the many in the world that were not so fortunate; those who had lost a family member, those who were unable to see their children grow up and most importantly those who did not get to fulfil their dreams. 

I have since aspired to become a medical doctor- to put myself in a position in which I would be able to help an individual in the most desperate of times, to give a family hope and joy. I one day hope to embark on practice and research in the areas of oncology and neurology so that I can help to unlock new ways of elevating the standard of human lives. 

I have faced several difficulties in my pursuit of the sciences. However, through persistence I was able to overcome these challenges and attain all distinctions at the CSEC level and at the CAPE Unit One level. I was awarded third place in Jamaica for CAPE Biology Unit One and tenth place for Physics Unit One. I take an active part in my school and community as I believe that for the nation to progress the youth must show an active interest in all spheres of life. At the Montego Bay High School, I served as a prefect and the president of the Rotary Interact Club. 

At the Montego Bay Community College, I currently hold the post of secretary of the Sign Language Club. I give back to my community by volunteering with the Cornwall Regional Hospital and the Open Heart Charitable Mission where I have assisted in feeding and giving clothing to the homeless of St. James. I am also a very active member of my church where I am a member of the Youth Choir, the Women’s Ministry and the Youth Council.

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