PALAS TOP PERFORMERS in 2015-2016 (1 of 5) : Keli-Jo Hewett-Dalling PALAS Gold Star Applicant with 20 CXC/CAPE ALL DISTINCTIONS (1's).... 3.92/4.00 GPA in Economics at UWI.

PALAS Student News- Published 8/3/15 SHORT EXCERPT FROM KELI-JO's ESSAY:

I have journeyed a bumpy road to get to where I am today, but in the midst of these hardships I continue to work hard and help others along the way. I believe that I should receive a PALAS scholarship based on my financial need; my academic achievements and my expressed willingness to better my situation and that of others. There are many financial challenges to be had growing up in an impoverished home. When I was six years old my family became virtually homeless which led to us having to stay at a neighbour’s home; three persons, one room. Coupled with our housing struggles was my mother’s illness which absorbed most of our funds and subsequently, she lost her job. 
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From then on lacking formal education, my mother would do a myriad of odd jobs, which offered, at most, minimum wage. Being the last child, I committed myself to ending the chronic cycle of poverty in my family. Higher education is the means of doing this. Receiving a PALAS scholarship would help to reduce the financial costs of attending University.........
Financial difficulties are present but I use this as a motivation to strive for excellence. These challenges are also why I will become a great Economist so that I can aid in making "Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business”. 
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