PALAS with NINETY-FIVE (95) HAPPY FACES at UWI-Mona : PALAS awarded 282 scholarships over the past 5 years valued J$15.2 million.

PALAS News- Published August 30, 2015

PALAS 2015-2016 Awardees at UWI in Jamaica
NINETY-FIVE (95) HAPPY FACES : Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS, Inc.) presented 95 scholarships to students in Jamaica on Saturday, August 29, 2015 to a full room capacity at Mona's Visitors Lodge at UWI.
Shanouy Pecco received Chyna Nicole Academic
 Scholarship and a computer from Ann Payne at UWI
It was a joyous and happy occasion for these brilliant and well deserving recipients at the 5th annual awards presentation. It was one of the most beautiful event to be witnessed. The event started 30 minutes after schedule when it was realized that one the two main speakers, Hon. Ronnie Thwaites was ill and could not make the event.

Claude makes one of his 5 presentations to first PALAS recipient
The experienced Masters of Ceremonies, Mr. Winston Cowans and Mr. Danny Roberts proceeded with superb coordination and professionalism to help make the event a grand success. The event which was sponsored by Mr. Patrick Campbell and Mrs. Natasha Campbell was PALAS' 5th awards presentation.
Winsome Benjamin and proud recipient
The entertainment was provided by Ms. Maria Myrie and Mr. Harold Davis with keyboard accompaniment. They received a standing ovation after their magnificent duo rendition of "Your'e My Hero". An absolutely brilliant performance.

Shaundrice Foster of Excelsior High School gave one of the most eloquent and passionate speeches ever. Her delivery was masterful, her poise and articulation breath taking and the message was riveting. It brought tears to many eyes in the audience. Shaundrice, was the 2015-2016 Gold Star High School recipient who also received a laptop computer.
PALAS, Founder/Exec. Director, gave an engaging and historical background about PALAS, how it got started and its accomplishments. PALAS awarded 282 scholarships over the past 5 years valuing J$15.2 million. In 2011, PALAS awarded 13 scholarships and the growth over the years has been phenomenal.
Gold Star recipient, Shaundrice Foster receives
scholarship package and computer from Attorney
Patrick Campbell
Attorney Patrick Campbell of Washington, DC gave a a memorable speech that the students needed to hear. Mr Campbell spoke about his humble beginning on Mountain view, the neighborhood as Rula Brown. He also explain why he and his wife support the program. It's about the love for students and creating opportunities for them, the love of country and the Caribbean and the chance for them to give back and to set examples to others to do the same. 
He was passionate and said he is proud to be involved in such a powerful organization who invests heavily in education in Jamaica/Caribbean. The awardees and audience appreciated his presentation with a thunderous applause. Each awardee received gifts from the Mr. & Mrs. Campbell.
Rula Brown presents to Mr. & Mrs Campbell appreciation gift
Nicole Nation, who recently received an award from Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in the UK for her commitment and outstanding community services to the citizens of Jamaica was also recognized by PALAS for her services and leadership in supporting and encouraging the youth of Jamaica. Nicole, a fourth year medical student at UWI also does a radio show on ROOTS-FM and writes for the Jamaica Observer. 
RBN chat room supporters, Museikjunkie, Ann Payne, Rula Brown,
PALAS Founder, Reggae artists Winsome Benjamin & Kevazz,
Uncle Claude Moseley of  the United Kingdom
Nicole was tasked to give a presentation as PALASictorian on behalf of Deidre-Ann Brown who was the 2015-2016 University level Gold Star recipient. Nicole filled in beautifully and encouraged the recipients to give back to their country and to focus and work hard. She spoke of her humble beginnings and that it does not deter to work hard and strive to be the best at all time.
Overall, a magnificent presentation and a grand occasion, all the students were happy and enjoyed taking photographs with the PALAS board members, Michelle Mack,Malvern Edwards and Rula Brown,of Atlanta, Georgia, Patrick Campbell and Natasha Campbell.
Natasha Campbell and Patrick Campbell,
 PALAS sponsors
Some of the attendees who visited from overseas were Claude Moseley (England), Ann Payne (Canada), Garfield "Musiekjunkie" Morgan (Florida) shared the moment with reggae artists Winsome Benjamin and Kevazz.
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