SHAVERRAY NOTICE, Top PALAS 2015-2016 Performers (3 of 5).... Medical student at UWI, 4.0 GPA at CAMPION... 20 CXC/CAPE passes with all ones, distinction...Active in 15 school & community activities

PALAS Student News August 5, 2015-
Excerpts from Shaverray Notice's Essay

Education, and the ability to be educated, will perpetually be gleamed a blessing for me. Having reached thus far in my academic journey, I intend to further focus my energy, abilities, and passion in my pursuit to
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become a medical doctor. It began as a series of moments where I found myself constantly immersed in my father’s medical texts, though initially, I was more enthralled by the images than the unpronounceable terms. 

As a toddler growing up, I was somehow cultured to believe that my intended purpose is to become a doctor. Having two parents and three other siblings already engaged in the medical field, there is an evident and directly implied hint of cultured pursuits. However, I refuse to merely become a torch bearer of tradition. It was in my fourth year at Campion College when passion and purpose intertwined; I knew, with every atom of my being, that my sole desire is to study medicine. 

Throughout my years of existence, I gradually developed an immense passion for the lives of individuals around me, and nurtured a trait in which the needs of others were constantly and wholeheartedly placed atop that of my own. It is my firm belief that if one considers himself a medical practitioner, he should allow himself to be stirred by the state of his nation’s health care system and culminate all his will and efforts to make a positive impact. 

During my tenure at Campion College, I have been granted the privilege of serving my school while acting in various positions including Environmental Monitor, Prayer Monitor, Sub-Prefect, Prefect, and Beadle. Furthermore, I have engaged in numerous extra-curricula activities within and outside of school that have collectively allowed me to develop, grow and improve socially, physically, mentally, academically and spiritually. Amidst the seemingly unbeatable challenges encountered throughout my years, my vulnerabilities and failures have contributed most significantly to my strength. 

To be able to speak passionately about the body and its behaviour, composition, abilities, and functionality, and to contribute locally and globally to the field of science, are just a smidgen of the goals I seek to accomplish. With these hands of mine, aided by the grant of the PALAS scholarship, I intend to be an impetus of change and a beacon of transformation to Jamaica’s Health care system and to the youth of this nation. 

Your organization has been providing aspiring Caribbean youths with funds to further their skills and work to uncover their untold stories of persistence and perseverance. I share your organization’s vision of working towards a more committed, empowered, supported and responsible group of youths, who are not only cognisant of life’s possibilities, but are ready to grasp them. I sincerely appreciate the committee’s time in evaluating my application and giving me the opportunity to tell my story. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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