A record JA$6 Million scholarship this year from PALAS for 102 students in Jamaica.....Over the past 6 years PALAS awarded 384 scholarships valued approx. JA$22.1 million (US$180,000.00).

PALAS News 7/14/16

This year the Peace and Love Scholarship in Schools (PALAS) will be awarding a record 102 scholarships to needy students in Jamaica.
Andrew M. Holness, Prime Minister 
of Jamaica to Deliver
 Keynote address at PALAS 6th 

awards in Kingston
Founder of the award Ruel ‘Rula’ Brown is expressing heartfelt thanks to those who have signed on to the vision, and the committed members of the board who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make it happen.
“The need is great, many of the board members had to dig deep as the support from sponsors couldn’t cover the many students who were qualified,” he said.
Even with the highest number of scholarship they have ever given Brown said there are still 44 who are left behind as the funds could not cover them.
“It breaks my heart, but the reality is that we just can’t do no more. If we get urgent sponsors to sign on then we can include more on the list,” he said even as he makes the call for more cash input into the pool.
The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, August 13 at the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.
Thirty-six (36) high school and sixty-six (66) university
www.PALAS1.org - 
102 Scholarships in 2016
students will be awarded. Over the past 6 years PALAS awarded 384 scholarships valued approx. JA$22.1 million 
Also in attendance at the ceremony this year will be 23 students who graduated from university and who were assisted on their journey by PALAS.
PALAS was started in December 2010 to honour the memory of student, reggae artiste and aspiring sound technician 18-year-old Vanessa Campbell who was brutally murdered in Portmore, Jamaica on November 20, that year.
Interested persons who want to help the children in Jamaica realise their dream can still donate by 7/19/16at www.PALAS1.org or send a check payable to PALAS, P.O Box 5461, Alpharetta GA 30023.

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