COLINE E. RUSSELL of UWI : Top PALAS 2016-17 Performers (University) .....Ranked 3 of 215 overall

PALAS Student News 7/31/16

> University of the West Indies (UWI)
> Anchovy, St. James - Jamaica
>  Aspires to be a Medical Doctor
> Earned the 3rd most points 
   overall for PALAS evaluation in 2016
> Attended Mt. Alvernia High & MBCC
> Associates degree in Natural Science
> 3.93/4.0 GPA
> 16 CXC/CAPE passes with 
   13 distinctions & 3 credits
> Circle K International Membership
> Principals Honor Roll, Silver Star
   Diploma, Medal for puntuality
> Lead role in several school
   Club and community activities;
   Science Club, 4H Club, ICT Club
   Visit Children Orphanages,
   St. James Infirmary and much more...
> Hobbies are Reading, Researching,
   Surfing the web and listening music.

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