JAMAICA OBSERVER : Dyslexic student & 3-time PALAS recipient, Damion Lawrence on the verge of obtaining law degree....The humble and hard working Lawrence, who at age 11 could not read, has been using his story to motivate others.

Monday, September 5, 2016 by Renae Dixon of Jamaica Observer - PALAS Student News
Damion Lawrence did not believe that he would be able to complete his law degree programme at
the University of the West Indies (UWI).
LAWRENCE... I surprised myself (Photo: Renae Dixon)
He was struggling to pay the tuition and equally could not always retain what was being taught as quickly as he needed to. However, several scholarships and sheer determination changed that process, thereby allowing Lawrence to reach his final year. “All this has taught me is that you have to be determined and trust God; I saw Him (God) really working,” Lawrence said.
He explained that just when he thought he would have to drop out of the programme, he received much needed assistance through scholarships, including a bursary from First Regional Cooperative Credit Union.
“Even now I can’t believe I am going into my final year.
“As they say, the hardest part is starting,” Lawrence said.
The young man who suffers from dyslexia, and who spent several years at the primary and high school level in special education programmes, wants his success to motivate students now in similar situations.
“If I can do this, you can too,” Lawrence said.
“I surprised myself,” he added.
Lawrence told the
Jamaica Observer North and East that last semester he was able to score four A’s and a B+.
“I am looking forward to finishing my degree, and it is my hope to go on to the Norman Manley Law School,” he said with strong conviction.
The humble and hard working Lawrence, who at age 11 could not read, has been using his story to motivate others. He now assists students and enjoys going back to his alma mater, Edgehill School of Special Education, to speak to students.
The young man from Farm Heights in St Ann has been an inspiration to many who know of his circumstances and how he has managed to overcome them.
“What kept me going is that when people just try to tell you that you cannot do it, I just want to prove them wrong. more

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