oDonate a minimum US$350.00 (Multiple scholarships are encouraged if possible).
oScholarship awarded in your name, your loved ones name, your business, church or someone who inspired you.
oHonor friend, family, teacher, business, someone from your parish, person who was instrumental in your success.
oYou will receive a certificate with the students name, school attends, subject major in, as an appreciation.
oThese named scholarships can only be directed to that specifically purpose.
oE.g. If you donate for a request to a student in St. Thomas, only a St. Thomas student will  receive that scholarship if they meet the criteria.
oYear by year basis. Not necessary to renew in subsequent year.
oThe funds should be paid to PALAS by May 15th of the specific year since we select the awardee by
    June 1.

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