IN JAMAICA: PALAS Scholarship recipient and Medical student at UWI, Nicole Nation Disabilities Awareness Activist -...Wins Autism Foundation Award....Tops NSWMA All-Island Essay Competition

The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation is happy to announce that 18-year-old Nicole Nation is the overall winner of the inaugural Autism and Disabilities Ambassadors competition. The competition is one of the main efforts of the Foundation to help heighten awareness of autism and other disabilities. The competition was staged between January and April, global autism month.
Ms Nation won for her efforts in lifting the awareness of autism through writing letters to the newspaper, published in the Jamaica Observer, calling for more tolerance for the disabled and for writing poems about the plight of the disabled, published in The Sunday Gleaner. more

IN JAMAICA: Yemalla Edwards, once homeless medical student at University of the West Indies (UWI) pinned at ceremony after financial struggles and getting massive support from PALAS. Student had 3.85/4.00 GPA in first year and is now doing very well at UWI.....his mother, a vendor at Coronation Market, and his father, a minimum wage worker, Edwards pushed himself to achieve even more as he is propelled by an unshakeable faith in God.

Yemalla Edwards after pinning
 ceremony at UWI
UNIVERSITY of the West Indies (UWI) student Yemalla Edwards is on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Yemalla was pinned as a full fledged Medical student at the UWI- Mona Campus on Thursday, March 20, 2014. He was very excited about the reality of being closer to milestone as a Medical Doctor. Before this, Yemalla struggled financially to support himself while in school. He relates the times when he was homeless on campus while sporting a 3.85/4.00 GPA in his first year in med school. 

One early morning at about 2:30 am, campus police found him sleeping under a stairway....he was quickly awakened by the police shouting out, he must be a homeless man on campus. Luckily his student ID saved him from the embarrassment he said, later that morning he went to class.

A friend Brian (L), Yemalla (C) and Teacher Mr. Blake (R)
PALAS Executive Director, Rula Brown met Yemalla on August 22, 2013 at UWI near a lecture theater as he was making preparations for PALAS awards ceremony for 60 students. One of Yemalla's teacher, Mr. Blake, saw Brown speaking to five persons interested to know about PALAS. Blake decided to call Yemalla from a class room to acquaint himself with the scholarship program..... 

Approx. three months later Mr. Edwards received assistance from PALAS of JA$125,000.00, a cell phone, a place to reside across the street from UWI at no cost. Thanks to a good samaritan, Ms. Judy Grant  in Atlanta, Georgia whom Rula reached out to for help and she gracefully said yes.... he is very happy there at his new home. He also received a tablet computer (shown in photo with him) complements of PALAS adviser, Mr. Patrick Campbell. He will graduate with his Medical Degree in 2018. Read about Mr. Edward's story from recent Jamaica Observer article published on Oct 13, 2013. more


Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS), 100 scholarships &
100 computers for 2014. Please donate at or send a 
check payable to PALAS. PO Box 5461, Alpharetta GA 30023.

IN JAMAICA: PALAS recipient and former XLCR Head Boy, RYAN SWEENEY among 10 students who participated in the 2014 Model United Nations forum at HARVARD UNIVERSITY........UWI on show at Harvard forum...."I am very confident that they will not just represent the UWI, Mona, but Jamaica on a whole very well,"

Ryan Sweeney, PALAS.
One of the first 13 PALAS recipient
in 2011 who is still in the program. 
He attends UWI-Mona.
THE University of the West Indies' Department of Government, Mona is expecting major returns on its investment in 10 students and a lecturer who represented the institution at this year's Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) in Boston, Massachusetts.
The students and UWI lecturer in the Department of Government Dr Omar Hawthorne left the island last week for the United States to participate in the 2014 Model United Nations forum which ended on Sunday.
Head of the Department of Government
at Mona Dr Lloyd Waller (second right);
Senior Assistant Registrar at UWI
Michelle Ashwood Stewart (third right),
and Dr Omar Hawthorne (fourth right),
lecturer in the Department of Government,
 Mona, with the 10 students who
represented the campus at the
 Harvard National Model United Nations
 in Boston, Massachusetts.
"I am very confident that they will not just represent the UWI, Mona, but Jamaica on a whole very well," said Head of the Department of Government Dr Lloyd Waller.
"The department is seriously focused on broadening the scope of our students' engagements, locally and internationally. The more practical exposure, the better. This is absolutely critical to ensuring that our students are well rounded and ready for the world, no matter where they go," Dr Waller added.
HNMUN serves as a forum in which students from colleges and universities around the globe meet, in a United Nations format, to discuss the most pressing challenges facing the world today. Top performers are awarded at the end for their efforts. This year participants will address a number of issues, including drug decriminalisation and Latin American-European Union trade relations. The UWI students say their objective is to help the institution reclaim the accolade of "best university in the region". more

IN JAMAICA: Education....PALAS hopes to help 100 students this year....has awarded 115 scholarships and 12 computers valued at over US$50,000 to needy high school and tertiary level students in Jamaica.....also very active trying to help raise funds for cancer patient Kirby Campbell who is currently a student at UWI, as well as once homeless medical student Yemalla Edwards.

Jamaica Observer I Sunday, March 09, 2014    
THE demand for help usually surpasses what they are able to give each year, but Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS) Inc hopes to help 100 students get closer to academic success this year by offering them financial assistance.
Students at the 2013-2014 PALAS awards ceremony
at the UWI, Mona campus
Since being launched in 2010, the international organisation has provided 115 scholarships and 12 computers valued at over US$50,000 to needy high school and tertiary level students in Jamaica. The scholarship was launched in honour and memory of Jamaican student Vanessa Campbell, an aspiring artiste who was found with her throat slashed behind the Greater Portmore Post Office in St Catherine a few years ago.
Founder and Executive Director Rula Brown said 60 new scholarships were awarded last year to 16 high school and 44 university students. The selection committee had chosen these students from 87 females, and 41 males between the ages of 12 to 32.
In order to qualify for the scholarships, students need to write a 300 to 500 word essay to say why they should be selected, must maintain at least a B average or 75 per cent grade, and should "be positively active in their communities such as school, church, hospitals, youth services and Rotary clubs or volunteering".
In light of the growing requests for financial assistance, Brown said those who make a minimum donation of US$350 will be able to have a scholarship awarded in their name, family or business. Donations can be made online prior to July 30 at
"The response to having a scholarship in someone's name, their loved one or company has been tremendous. For example in 2013, of the 60 scholarships awarded, 42 were by partnering with others. The individuals are very excited to know that they are helping their fellow countrymen in this endeavour," Brown said...
Sponsors are also given a certificate from PALAS with the picture and credentials of each student that they sponsor. Brown said that so far in 2014, 30 persons have come on board to partner with the organisation. more