CONGRATULATIONS to 2-time PALAS recipient, Dr. Sachalee Campbell who recently graduated with her medical degree from UWI-Mona....She overcame challenging financial times to graduate....Now works at Cornwall Regional Hospital in Jamaica

Published December 18, 2015 as PALAS News

Dr. Sachalee Campbell first received the Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS) in 2013 at the 3rd award ceremony which was held at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona in Kingston, Jamaica.
Dr. Sachalee Campbell, 2-Time PALAS

Sachalee is a very quiet, hard working and confident student who was destined to meet her goal to be a medical doctor. She was a leader in the Jamaica Medical Student Association (JAMSA). In 2013 Sachalee invited PALAS Executive Director, Rula Brown to speak with 25 medical students at UWI about struggles, motivation, inspiration, dedication and giving back to society.

She experienced some challenging times to raise the funds to pay for the J$2.8 million per year tuition. However, she was able to overcome it by receving PALAS and other scholarships/awards. 
With the award of the PALAS scholarship for the 2013 academic year this adds to the available funds to her education which goes a long way with books and other fees.

Dr. Campbell graduated this past November at University of the West Indies and now works at Cornwall Regional Hospital in Jamaica as a M.D. She expresses her deep appreciation to PALAS in a recent letter and to all those who helped her out along the way.

The PALAS Board extends heartfelt congratulations to Dr.Sachalee Campbell who will do extremely well in her future endeavors.....PALAS, Preserving Young Minds for Posterity. 

Please make a donation online at or send a check Payable to PALAS, P.O Box 5461, Alpharetta GA 30023 USA.

CONGRATULATIONS to 3-time PALAS recipient, Dr. Venicia Cruickshank who recently graduated with her medical degree from UWI-Mona....She overcame challenging financial times to graduate....Now works at Cornwall Regional Hospital in Jamaica

Dr. Venicia Cruickshank, former PALAS recipient.
 Published December 12, 2015 as PALAS News

Dr. Venicia Cruickshank first received the Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS) in 2012-2013 at the 2nd award ceremony which was held at Excelsior High School in Kingston, Jamaica.

Venicia at the time was very quiet, confident and was destined to meet her goal to be a medical doctor.

In her 3rd year as a medical student she experienced some challenging times to raise the funds to pay for the J$2.8 million per year tuition. She was not sure if she could continue with the very expensive costs at UWI.

She reached out to PALAS Exec. Director, Rula Brown for some help. He was able to raise J$105,000.00 and paid it directly into her account at UWI. Additionally, she worked with her family members to raise an additional JA$260,000.00 from a bake sale. 

The Waterford, St. Catherine resident was able to continue with the medical program after Rula contacted his personal doctor, Dr. Dharmaraj Patil for assistance. At the time Venicia wrote, I am from a single-parent household of three; my mother is the sole-bread winner for two dependent children, myself and an older sibling. In addition to utility bills, food, school and other living expenses she pays a mortgage. As such, her monthly pay is far spent. She is unable to take out any further loans as her debt ratio is high.  

Over the past two years, "I have gained a sense of calm and added determination to continue perusing this field of study as medicine continues to be my passion." With the award of the PALAS scholarship for the 2012-2013 academic year this adds to the available funds to her education which goes a long way with books and other fees.

Dr. Cruickshank  graduated this past November at University of the West Indies and now works at Cornwall Regional Hospital in Jamaica as a M.D. She expresses her deep appreciation to PALAS in a recent letter and to all those who helped her out along the way.

The PALAS Board extends congratulations to Dr.Venicia Cruicshank who will do extremely well.....PALAS, Preserving Young Minds for Posterity.

JAMAICA OBSERVER : Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc. (PALAS) will make scholarship available in 2016 to Jabary Williams.

JAMAICA OBSERVER : Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc. (PALAS) will make scholarship available in 2016 to Jabary Williams...Youth who was 'Outcast' in his community after returning $100,000.00 to its rightful owner, who in turn rewarded him with $100.00. Please support PALAS PALAS goal is to award 100 scholarships in 2016.

Wells Fargo Bank announcing PALAS as one of 57 grant recipients in Atlanta, GA to get $1,000.00

Fifty-seven North Atlanta groups to be recognized with $1000 grants at Days of Giving celebration – Tues, Oct 27 at 8:00 AM at Chattahoochee Nature Center. 
Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc. (PALAS, Inc.) is a proud recipient of Wells Fargo Bank Grant.

Local non-profits receive $1,000 each; Total of $57,000 invested in local community as program celebrates seventh anniversary

Inline image 1
Coreen Brimm of Wells Fargo Bank (L), Jackie Brown (PALAS Director-C)
& Rula Brown, PALAS Exec. Director at awards presentation in Roswell, GA.
ATLANTA, Ga. (Oct. 27, 2015) – Fifty- seven North Atlanta non-profits will be honored on October 27th  by Wells Fargo team members with $1,000 Days of Giving grants, at a community breakfast held at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. 

Days of Giving is a Wells Fargo initiative through which individual bank stores honor organizations in the communities where those stores do business.  All of the groups were selected by frontline team members in bank stores in the area.
Including this year’s giving, Wells Fargo will have given more than $1,500,000 in Days of Giving grants to groups across Metro Atlanta since the program began. 

“The level of commitment these organizations give to North Atlanta make me so proud to honor them through Days of Giving and to call them my neighbors,” said Scott Asher, North Atlanta area president for Wells Fargo. “They are an example of how our collective efforts can make a major impact – on individuals, neighborhoods, our county, our city and beyond.”

The following 57 North Atlanta groups will receive $1,000 grants. Please see list more


ATLANTA, GA – October 12, 2015: Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc. (PALAS, Inc.) board voted unanimously to add Mr. Danny Roberts; CD, MPhil, JP and Mr. Trevor Flowers; B.S, PE to their team.  Both gentlemen are outstanding professionals who will bring a great deal of experience to the non-profit organization.

At the monthly meeting held on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 the board set a new goal for 2016-2017 to award 100 scholarships for students in Jamaica/Caribbean. PALAS awarded 95 scholarships in 2015-2016, and 282 scholarships along with 35 computers to high school and tertiary level students in the Caribbean over the past 5 years.  Please see brief bio below for Danny Roberts and Trevor Flowers.

                                                          DANNY ROBERTS, CD, MPhil, JP

Danny Roberts, PALAS
 Advisory Board
Mr. Danny Roberts is the Head of the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Education Institute (HLSTUEI) at the Consortium for Social Development and Research at the Open Campus of the University of the West Indies, Mona. He presented the Sixth Annual National Bank of Dominica (NBD) Ltd. & UWI Open Campus Dominica National Distinguished Lecture on Thursday, May 30, 2013. An African, Caribbean & Pacific European Economic Community (ACP-EEC) scholar, Mr. Roberts is a graduate of the University of the West Indies with a BA Honors in Communications with Social Sciences and a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Government.

Mr. Roberts was the recipient of Jamaica’s fourth highest National Honors in 2009, the Commander of the Order of Distinction (CD) for his contribution to the trade union movement, and was appointed a Justice of the Peace for St. Andrew in 2011. Mr. Roberts has spent more than twenty years in the trade union movement serving as President of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, Vice President of the National Workers Union, and President of the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees. He currently serves as Vice President of the umbrella trade union organization, the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions.

Mr. Roberts has authored a number of book chapters and has written and presented dozens of papers on industrial relations, trade unionism, labor market issues and aspects of labor studies at workshops, conferences and seminars locally and regionally.  He was a co-host of News Talk 93 morning radio program, “Jamaica Speaks”. He also serves on a variety of committees including the Minimum Wage Advisory Commission, the Labor Advisory Committee, National Council on Education and the Jamaica Productivity Centre. Mr. Roberts has been a newspaper columnist, radio commentator and television analyst in Jamaica. He is married to Geraldine and has two wonderful daughters – Sherice and Sasha-Kay. Danny attended Kingston Technical High School in Jamaica.

                                                      TREVOR O. FLOWERS, BSc.,P.E.

Trevor Flowers, PALAS Board
Mr. Trevor Flowers is the President & CEO of Kwest A/E Corporation. He co-founded this development, architecture, and engineering services operation, catering to both public and private sector clients.
He has been active in the acquisition, and development of income producing properties; his experience covers a wide area of real estate including leasing, client representative, construction management and design and construction.  The activities have involved single-family homes, commercial office buildings and industrial properties.

Mr. Flowers has combined development hands-on experience in real estate development, marketing budgeting finance, full profit and loss activity with strong history of creativity and operations/productivity management.  A purposeful and dynamic leader/team player who communicates effectively with all levels/multiple disciplines.  Exhibits a “can-do” attitude exemplified by a history of achievements and innovations.  Skilled contract administration, scheduling, materials management and problem resolution.  Adapts well to change and the pressure of aggressive timetables.

Mr. Flowers has a BS Degree in Civil Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and attends New York University Real Estate Institute.  He holds professional engineering licenses in New Jersey, Delaware, Arizona, and Jamaica, W.I. He is a member of American Management Association, American Society of Professional Engineers, Past President of New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Educational Opportunity Advisory Board and past President of Caribbean Business Association. Trevor attended Kingston College (KC) in Jamaica.

PALAS, Inc. is a 501(c) (3), non-profit organization which is headquartered in Georgia. Founded by Jamaican-born Rula Brown,   our mission is to help improve the health, education and general well-being of less fortunate children in the Caribbean region. PALAS operates with ten (10) working board members and five (5) advisory board members. Our motto is “Preserving Young Minds for Posterity”. 

PALAS with NINETY-FIVE (95) HAPPY FACES at UWI-Mona : PALAS awarded 282 scholarships over the past 5 years valued J$15.2 million.

PALAS News- Published August 30, 2015

PALAS 2015-2016 Awardees at UWI in Jamaica
NINETY-FIVE (95) HAPPY FACES : Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS, Inc.) presented 95 scholarships to students in Jamaica on Saturday, August 29, 2015 to a full room capacity at Mona's Visitors Lodge at UWI.
Shanouy Pecco received Chyna Nicole Academic
 Scholarship and a computer from Ann Payne at UWI
It was a joyous and happy occasion for these brilliant and well deserving recipients at the 5th annual awards presentation. It was one of the most beautiful event to be witnessed. The event started 30 minutes after schedule when it was realized that one the two main speakers, Hon. Ronnie Thwaites was ill and could not make the event.

Claude makes one of his 5 presentations to first PALAS recipient
The experienced Masters of Ceremonies, Mr. Winston Cowans and Mr. Danny Roberts proceeded with superb coordination and professionalism to help make the event a grand success. The event which was sponsored by Mr. Patrick Campbell and Mrs. Natasha Campbell was PALAS' 5th awards presentation.
Winsome Benjamin and proud recipient
The entertainment was provided by Ms. Maria Myrie and Mr. Harold Davis with keyboard accompaniment. They received a standing ovation after their magnificent duo rendition of "Your'e My Hero". An absolutely brilliant performance.

Shaundrice Foster of Excelsior High School gave one of the most eloquent and passionate speeches ever. Her delivery was masterful, her poise and articulation breath taking and the message was riveting. It brought tears to many eyes in the audience. Shaundrice, was the 2015-2016 Gold Star High School recipient who also received a laptop computer.
PALAS, Founder/Exec. Director, gave an engaging and historical background about PALAS, how it got started and its accomplishments. PALAS awarded 282 scholarships over the past 5 years valuing J$15.2 million. In 2011, PALAS awarded 13 scholarships and the growth over the years has been phenomenal.
Gold Star recipient, Shaundrice Foster receives
scholarship package and computer from Attorney
Patrick Campbell
Attorney Patrick Campbell of Washington, DC gave a a memorable speech that the students needed to hear. Mr Campbell spoke about his humble beginning on Mountain view, the neighborhood as Rula Brown. He also explain why he and his wife support the program. It's about the love for students and creating opportunities for them, the love of country and the Caribbean and the chance for them to give back and to set examples to others to do the same. 
He was passionate and said he is proud to be involved in such a powerful organization who invests heavily in education in Jamaica/Caribbean. The awardees and audience appreciated his presentation with a thunderous applause. Each awardee received gifts from the Mr. & Mrs. Campbell.
Rula Brown presents to Mr. & Mrs Campbell appreciation gift
Nicole Nation, who recently received an award from Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in the UK for her commitment and outstanding community services to the citizens of Jamaica was also recognized by PALAS for her services and leadership in supporting and encouraging the youth of Jamaica. Nicole, a fourth year medical student at UWI also does a radio show on ROOTS-FM and writes for the Jamaica Observer. 
RBN chat room supporters, Museikjunkie, Ann Payne, Rula Brown,
PALAS Founder, Reggae artists Winsome Benjamin & Kevazz,
Uncle Claude Moseley of  the United Kingdom
Nicole was tasked to give a presentation as PALASictorian on behalf of Deidre-Ann Brown who was the 2015-2016 University level Gold Star recipient. Nicole filled in beautifully and encouraged the recipients to give back to their country and to focus and work hard. She spoke of her humble beginnings and that it does not deter to work hard and strive to be the best at all time.
Overall, a magnificent presentation and a grand occasion, all the students were happy and enjoyed taking photographs with the PALAS board members, Michelle Mack,Malvern Edwards and Rula Brown,of Atlanta, Georgia, Patrick Campbell and Natasha Campbell.
Natasha Campbell and Patrick Campbell,
 PALAS sponsors
Some of the attendees who visited from overseas were Claude Moseley (England), Ann Payne (Canada), Garfield "Musiekjunkie" Morgan (Florida) shared the moment with reggae artists Winsome Benjamin and Kevazz.
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PRESS RELEASE: PALAS, Atlanta Based Non-Profit Organization, Will Award 95 Scholarships in Jamaica. The Hon. Rev. Ronnie Thwaites and Washington D.C Attorney, Patrick Campbell Will Deliver Keynote Addresses at the 5th Annual Scholarship Presentation at UWI-Mona. PALAS awarded JA$14.85 Million over 5 years

ATLANTA, GA – August 19, 2015: Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc. (PALAS, Inc.)  
will award 95 new scholarships for academic year 2015-2016 in a presentation ceremony sponsored by Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Natasha Campbell in Jamaica. The 5th annual awards presentation will be held Saturday, August  29th at 1:00 pm at the University of the West Indies (UWI) - Mona Visitor’s Lodge where the Hon. Rev. Ronnie Thwaites and Attorney Patrick Campbell will be the keynote and special guest speakers.
This year’s program goal is to award scholarships to students who are financially challenged and honor outstanding academic performances by students in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. The 2015-16 GOLD Star awardees are Shaundrice Foster of Excelsior High and Deidre-Ann Brown, a first year medical student at UWI-Mona campus.

PALAS processed over 200 applications: an increase of 48% over last year’s 140 applications; awarded 95 scholarships: a 33% increase over the 72 scholarships awarded for academic year 2014-2015. More than 150 applicants met the criteria but due to limited funding PALAS was unable to award scholarships to the additional 54 applicants.
PALAS has reached a significant milestone in the five (5) years since it was founded by Executive Director, Mr. Rula Brown to honor the memory of student, reggae artist and aspiring sound technician; 18 year-old Vanessa Campbell who was brutally murdered in Portmore, Jamaica on November 20, 2010.   PALAS has awarded 282 scholarships since the organization’s inception December 2010.

Entertainment will be provided by Ms. Maria Myrie and Mr. Harold Davis to mark PALAS’ 5th year anniversary!  Please help us in "Preserving Young Minds for Posterity" by visiting our website and make your online donation or send a check payable to PALAS, P.O. Box 5461, Alpharetta GA 30023 USA.  PALAS is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. Please send email inquiry to  or you may call 770-715-0224. For further information about PALAS including special sponsorship opportunities for a scholarship in your name, the name of a loved one or your business as a sponsoring Partner with PALAS (PWP), please visit