JAMAICA OBSERVER : Dyslexic student & 3-time PALAS recipient, Damion Lawrence on the verge of obtaining law degree....The humble and hard working Lawrence, who at age 11 could not read, has been using his story to motivate others.

Monday, September 5, 2016 by Renae Dixon of Jamaica Observer - PALAS Student News
Damion Lawrence did not believe that he would be able to complete his law degree programme at
the University of the West Indies (UWI).
LAWRENCE... I surprised myself (Photo: Renae Dixon)
He was struggling to pay the tuition and equally could not always retain what was being taught as quickly as he needed to. However, several scholarships and sheer determination changed that process, thereby allowing Lawrence to reach his final year. “All this has taught me is that you have to be determined and trust God; I saw Him (God) really working,” Lawrence said.
He explained that just when he thought he would have to drop out of the programme, he received much needed assistance through scholarships, including a bursary from First Regional Cooperative Credit Union.
“Even now I can’t believe I am going into my final year.
“As they say, the hardest part is starting,” Lawrence said.
The young man who suffers from dyslexia, and who spent several years at the primary and high school level in special education programmes, wants his success to motivate students now in similar situations.
“If I can do this, you can too,” Lawrence said.
“I surprised myself,” he added.
Lawrence told the
Jamaica Observer North and East that last semester he was able to score four A’s and a B+.
“I am looking forward to finishing my degree, and it is my hope to go on to the Norman Manley Law School,” he said with strong conviction.
The humble and hard working Lawrence, who at age 11 could not read, has been using his story to motivate others. He now assists students and enjoys going back to his alma mater, Edgehill School of Special Education, to speak to students.
The young man from Farm Heights in St Ann has been an inspiration to many who know of his circumstances and how he has managed to overcome them.
“What kept me going is that when people just try to tell you that you cannot do it, I just want to prove them wrong. more

JAMAICA OBSERVER : PALAS awarded 102 scholarships at Pegasus in Kingston... Hon. Floyd Green & Attorney Patrick Campbell Gave Inspirational Speeches.

Published by Jamaica Observer September 5, 2016
The Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS) awarded scholarships to 102 students from high school and tertiary institutions at the Jamaica Pegasus on August 13, the highest number in its seven-year history.
102 PALAS awardees in 2016
Awards in the previous five years totalled 384, with a value of approximately JA$23 million (approx. US$184,000.00).
PALAS was launched in 2010 in memory of then 18-year-old Vanessa Campbell, an aspiring artiste who was found behind the Greater Portmore Post Office in St Catherine with her throat slashed.
Jamaican-born Washington DC Attorney-at-Law Patrick Campbell, who shared keynote address duties with junior education minister Floyd Green, spoke of his childhood in Mountain View where he said he saw dead bodies on a weekly basis. While such scenes of violence can be detrimental to a child, he argued, it can be overcome. That, he said, was his reason for supporting the scholarship programme. “Growing up in Mountain View as a boy, I watched a lot of violence. Growing up I was scared,” he said detailing some experiences.
Hon. Floyd Green, PALAS Founder Rula Brown
& Attorney Patrick Campbell
Campbell, a past student of Jamaica College, was the only black lawyer in a Washington office when he emigrated to the US and took a job with a federal judge.
“It is good to leave all the partying for a later time. Spend time with your books now and later you can party all you want. It will come,” Campbell cautioned the students.
Before closing he offered some tips on keeping heads above the water and achieving goals. Among those he listed were: don’t let anyone else set your limits, only you are the decider of your own future; don’t let your history determine your future; and emulate successful people.
For his part, the minister praised PALAS for its role in helping to push education.
Clifton Edwards presents to  Fabia Dev-Ann Linton
“Education is the vehicle to be successful,” he said, adding that it will take real partnership not only with Jamaica but also with the diaspora.
In that regard, Green said the difficulties being faced by non-profit organisations in the diaspora which bring in charitable goods should not be occurring and added that “(Government) was looking at how to make it easier for those who want to (donate) books and other things to the education process”.
“If you do all the hard work, send your product, we can take care of the rest,” he told the gathering of students, parents, PALAS directors and friends.
PALAS reported that 22 students who have been in its programme for the past five years graduated with their university degrees in 2016, including six medical doctors, seven lawyers and seven fine artists. Please donate at www.PALAS1.org to support the program.
Thirty-five PALAS students have now graduated from university, the Atlanta-based non-profit declares on its website. “The goal is to award 120 new ones in 2017-18,” said PALAS. more

PALAS awarded 102 scholarships at Pegasus in Kingston on Saturday, August 13, 2016....384 scholarships over the past six (6) years valued over approx. JA$23.1 million. Goal is to award 120 new ones in 2017-18.

PALAS Supporter:

Thank you very much for the generous donations to  the PALAS students in 2016-17 academic year. 
The funds will support the students tuition, school fees, books etc.  

You are making a world of a difference for these students.  
PALAS awarded 384 scholarships over the past six (6) years to students in Jamaica/Caribbean  
including 102 new ones presented on August 13, 2016 at Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica.

The Hon. Floyd Green in the Minister of State in the Ministry of Education  & 
Attorney Mr. Patrick Campbell of Washington, D.C were the keynote speakers.

A total of 22 students who have been in the PALAS program for the past 5 years graduated with their 
university degrees in 2016; including  6 Medical Doctors, 7 Lawyers and 7 Fine Arts students.
Overall 35 PALAS students have now graduated from University. (See photos below).

PALAS is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity as determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

Please click the link below to view a thank you note. Also please continue to help us spread the word, 
our website is www.PALAS1.org  

http://palasthanksyou.blogspot.ca/  (Please click link to view 45 secs PALAS thank you video)

102 PALAS Awardees with Hon. Floyd Green, Patrick Campbell & Rula Brown                                 

Inline image 1
       Over 325 attendees at Pegasus in Kingston        

Inline image 2  
Hon. Floyd Green & Rula Brown Present Computers to 2016 Gold Star Performers,
Inline image 2    
    Hon. Floyd Green, Rula Brown, Attorney Patrick Campbell & Jackie Brown
   Shanae T. Christian of Wolmers Girls & Ashleigh-Ann Dussard of UWI.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgnzwn0sQE8&feature=youtu.be&a   ( MUST WATCH Ashleigh-Ann Dussard's speech)

PALAS awarded 102 new scholarships at the 2016-17 PALAS Awards ceremony held at Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on August 13th. Total value of the scholarships were JA$6.45 million

                                              102 scholarships awarded at Pegasus in Jamaica

Hon. Floyd Green, Rula Brown, Patrick Campbell & Jackie Brown
Hon. Floyd Green, Shanae Christian, Ashleigh-Ann Dussard

& Rula Brown, PALAS Exec. Director at Pegasus event in JA

PALAS awarded 102 new scholarships at the 2016-17 PALAS Awards ceremony held at Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on August 13th. Total value of the scholarships were JA$6.45 million (approx. US$51,200.00) Six students received laptop computers. Keynote speakers were Hon. Floyd Green, Ministry of State in the Minister of Education (JA) and Washington D.C Attorney Patrick Campbell. Over 325 attended the event. PALAS's goal is to award 110 new scholarships in 2017-18. PALAS has award 384 scholarships over the past 5 years. Please donate online atwww.PALAS1.org or send a check payable to PALAS, P.O Box 5461, Alpharetta GA 30023. Photo taken by Gilbert Bellamy.

PROUD MOMENT : Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller, former Prime Minister of Jamaica meets Yemalla Edwards, 4-time PALAS recipient at UWI-Mona Campus

Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller and Yemalla Edwards
PROUD MOMENT : Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller, former Prime Minister of Jamaica was delighted to meet Yemalla Edwards, 4-time PALAS recipient at UWI-Mona Campus (August 20th) after she heard about his amazing story of being homeless on UWI's campus as a medical student in his first year. Yemalla will complete his medical studies next year as a Medical Doctor. You may read more about Yemalla's terrific story at www.PALAS1.org..... Truly inspirational indeed. He also received his latest PALAS award on August 13th at Pegasus hotel when 102 scholarships were awarded. PALAS awarded 384 scholarships in the past 6 years.

COLINE E. RUSSELL of UWI : Top PALAS 2016-17 Performers (University) .....Ranked 3 of 215 overall

PALAS Student News 7/31/16

> University of the West Indies (UWI)
> Anchovy, St. James - Jamaica
>  Aspires to be a Medical Doctor
> Earned the 3rd most points 
   overall for PALAS evaluation in 2016
> Attended Mt. Alvernia High & MBCC
> Associates degree in Natural Science
> 3.93/4.0 GPA
> 16 CXC/CAPE passes with 
   13 distinctions & 3 credits
> Circle K International Membership
> Principals Honor Roll, Silver Star
   Diploma, Medal for puntuality
> Lead role in several school
   Club and community activities;
   Science Club, 4H Club, ICT Club
   Visit Children Orphanages,
   St. James Infirmary and much more...
> Hobbies are Reading, Researching,
   Surfing the web and listening music.

A record JA$6 Million scholarship this year from PALAS for 102 students in Jamaica.....Over the past 6 years PALAS awarded 384 scholarships valued approx. JA$22.1 million (US$180,000.00).

PALAS News 7/14/16

This year the Peace and Love Scholarship in Schools (PALAS) will be awarding a record 102 scholarships to needy students in Jamaica.
Andrew M. Holness, Prime Minister 
of Jamaica to Deliver
 Keynote address at PALAS 6th 

awards in Kingston
Founder of the award Ruel ‘Rula’ Brown is expressing heartfelt thanks to those who have signed on to the vision, and the committed members of the board who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make it happen.
“The need is great, many of the board members had to dig deep as the support from sponsors couldn’t cover the many students who were qualified,” he said.
Even with the highest number of scholarship they have ever given Brown said there are still 44 who are left behind as the funds could not cover them.
“It breaks my heart, but the reality is that we just can’t do no more. If we get urgent sponsors to sign on then we can include more on the list,” he said even as he makes the call for more cash input into the pool.
The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, August 13 at the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.
Thirty-six (36) high school and sixty-six (66) university
www.PALAS1.org - 
102 Scholarships in 2016
students will be awarded. Over the past 6 years PALAS awarded 384 scholarships valued approx. JA$22.1 million 
Also in attendance at the ceremony this year will be 23 students who graduated from university and who were assisted on their journey by PALAS.
PALAS was started in December 2010 to honour the memory of student, reggae artiste and aspiring sound technician 18-year-old Vanessa Campbell who was brutally murdered in Portmore, Jamaica on November 20, that year.
Interested persons who want to help the children in Jamaica realise their dream can still donate by 7/19/16at www.PALAS1.org or send a check payable to PALAS, P.O Box 5461, Alpharetta GA 30023.