ATLANTA, Ga. (June 21, 2017) : The Peace And Love Academic Scholarship, Inc. (PALAS, Inc.) was recently recognized for their philanthropic work in investing in Jamaica’s children education at the People Profile Charity of the Year Award on June 18. The Award,  founded by Dr. Allan Cunningham, recognizes ordinary people doing extraordinary things was held at Bailey Hall in Florida.
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Millissa Ladysong, PALAS Marketing Director
Founder Ruel ‘Rula’ Brown is thankful for the recognition and honour, but already his mind is ticking away trying to garner funds to award at least 100 scholarships from the over 300 applications received in 2017.  
“I am truly elated and excited for PALAS, Inc. winning the 2017 People Profile Charity of the Year Award as this will provide more opportunities for the well deserving students by creating awareness to potential donors,” said Brown on the victory even as he went into campaign mode for more funding.
“Due to the more than 300 high school and college applications received, funding and sponsors are still being sought for the 2017 season, so we encourage interested persons to donate via PayPal at,” is the appeal coming from him.
Brown who has a passion for the struggling children of Jamaica said his ultimate vision is to each year award a scholarship to all who applies. more

2017 PALAS Application (CLOSED)

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HELP! UWI Medical Student Seeks Assistance To Pursue Studies....2-Time PALAS Recipient, Venessa Green Makes Urgent Appeal.

Published:Thursday | January 26, 2017 | 12:50 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston

GORDON PEN, St Catherine:
Second-year medical student Venessa Green, who is now pursuing a bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona (UWI) is all set on making a difference in the lives of others.
Medicine was the last thing on her agenda as while attending St Jago High School, her primary focus was on business before she morphed into medicine.
Green told Rural Xpress that ‘medicine chose her’.
Venessa Green 
“I had a passion for chemistry especially and I wanted to pursue a degree in pharmaceuticals. With relevant guidance and advice from mentors, I decided to apply to medical school which I was assured a space from the dean’s office at UWI because I had the grades that would guarantee me a spot,” she said, admitting that she has since fallen in love with the programme.
With her ultimate goal being to offer quality health care services to her community of Gordon Pen, St Catherine, where she hails from and by extension her country, she dreams of owning a medical complex along with a pharmacy one day.
Venessa Green, 2-Time Recipient/ Med Student at UWI
But there is wide divide between her dreams and the journey to get there as presently Green, in spite of the input from both her parents – her mother an office attendant at Jamaica Customs Agency and her father – a police personnel and six other children (between them) to support, it is a challenge meeting her needs at university.
Green is in need of textbooks and  financial assistance to offset fees for accommodation, especially for her upcoming third year in June as she will have to reside on hall during the summer period.
“Then there is the cost of medical supplies such as prescribed texts and medical equipment (ophthalmoscope, stethoscope etc) and living expenses (groceries, personal hygiene products),” she said.
Right now it seems like a huge mountain, but Green has not lost her determination to go on.
“Amid my challenges, my innate drive for success comes from my intrinsic motivation to always excel in all my endeavours as well as to overcome every obstacle that presents itself,” she said.
Not fazed by her socio-economic status, one she is confident is temporary.
“I grew up in a single parent household where my mother was a domestic helper and a seamstress and I saw how she struggled to provide for my sisters and I,” said Green, adding that her mother’s determination for seeking any available job in order to make ends meet, was one of the contributing factors that motivated her to excel in all aspects of life, especially academically. more

IN JAMAICA: PALAS Board Member, Danny Roberts Named To The Oversight P-STOC by Prime Minister, Andrew Holness....Government says monitoring mechanism for IMF will be more balanced.... New team

BY BALFORD HENRY Senior staff reporter  Tuesday, November 22, 2016     

THE Government yesterday announced an upgraded programme of oversight for the new Precautionary Stand-by Agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) joins Minister of Finance and the
 Public Service Audley Shaw (right) in congratulating JMMB’s Group CEO
 Keith Duncan (second left), and head of the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade
 Union Education Institute Danny Roberts, on their appointment to
co-chair the Economic Programme Oversight Committee (EPOC) and the
 Public Sector Transformation Oversight Committee, respectively, at
Jamaica House, yesterday. (Photo: Naphtali Junior)
Prime Minister Andrew Holness told a press briefing at Jamaica House that the new framework will be more balanced as it will assess not only the fiscal and monetary indicators, but also social and public sector issues and growth.
“We must achieve the fiscal, monetary and quantitative targets, but we must also achieve the growth, public sector transformation and social protection objectives as well,” he said.
“While keeping the principles of transparency, public accountability, and civic engagement, we wish to design the monitoring framework to address the challenges ahead. Not only must we maintain fiscal responsibility, we must transform the public sector, grow the economy, and protect the vulnerable. There is therefore a desire to deepen, broaden and diversify the monitoring framework,” the prime minister said.
He announced the appointment of head of the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Education Institute, trade unionist Danny Roberts, as co-chair the new Public Sector Transformation Oversight Committee (P-STOC), which will oversee the critical public sector transformation programme.
Roberts, who has spent more than 20 years in the trade union movement, has served as vice-president of the National Workers Union (NWU) and president of the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE), both of which are affiliated to the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP).
He currently serves also as vice-president of the umbrella trade union organisation, the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU), which will soon become involved in a new round of wage negotiations with the Government for the 2017/2019 period.
Roberts’ co-chair will be the Cabinet secretary, Ambassador Douglas Saunders. P-STOC will also draw on representatives from the trade union movement, public sector, private sector, academia, and civil society, and will monitor implementation of the public sector transformation, public service reform and social protection targets.
Holness said that in addition to reporting on progress with the fiscal programme, the new monitoring mechanism will also report to the public on the progress in achieving the economic growth, public sector transformation and social protection objectives in the new agreement,. more